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Who we are


We are an evolution of quality dental service by Dr. Nelda Allanigue that began in 1986. A perfect example of how passion for dentistry can create smile makeovers that encompass esthetics and functionality. We create smiles that are not only beautiful but at the same time genuine. And that in itself makes a difference.


Our practice is definitely one of the reputable dental clinics here in Angeles City, Philippines that can address most, if not all of your dental needs. From dental implants, crowns and bridges, to fillings and simple dental cleaning; you can be sure that you are receiving qualty dental care. We make sure that you get the treatment that you need by providing thorough consultations to come up with viable treatment plans.


We have a reputation of providing affordable dental treatments, that is why our practice is recommended by locals, expats and even tourists. 


Thank you for visiting and be sure to check out and like our facebook page We are looking forward to seeing you in the clinic!



-Dr. Christian A. Tanglao




Dr. Christian Tanglao and Dr. Erin Michelle Ilagan-Tanglao


Dental Implantology   Orthodontics   Cosmetic Dentistry   Oral Surgery

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